Omnis Development Group, LLC is a application development firm specializing in creating the most sophisticate business software solutions available using the most advanced rapid application development technologies. Unlike many similar firms, we employ the best developers using the best tools. ODG offers both customized solutions for individual clients and vertical market business software for selected business segments.

We recognize that in a competitive, fast changing world, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve.

To do that, they need applications that:

Can be developed and updated quickly and inexpensively to keep pace with changing technology and new business needs.
Deploy and function seamlessly across different operating platforms without needing to modify either the business logic or the application code.
Dramatically reduce the cost and effort of systems integration by providing native access to all types of databases.
Can be fully web deployed to provide true thin-client networking solutions.
Give companies’ flexibility and independence by freeing them from reliance on one operating platform or one database vendor.
Offer user-friendly designs that increase productivity and that are secure, fast and reliable.

At ODG we are dedicated to meeting the challenge by creating the most advanced
business software solutions.

We believe:

That better business applications are an important competitive advantage for companies
in any industry.
That robust, multi-platform solutions with multi-data source interoperability are the future
of business applications in a networked world.
That clients need flexible applications that can easily grow and change as their businesses
grow and change.
That applications should work the way their users do -- not the other way around.
That the best quality solution is also the best price solution.
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