ODG provides clients with customized applications more rapidly and at lower cost than competing solution providers. The key differences are our technology and our developers. Quite simply, we employ the best of both to give our clients outstanding software solutions for a lower cost of both acquisition and ownership.

We start by using the best application development environment available -- the Omnis family of RAD tools. Omnis' unique 4GL graphical development environment enables our developers to quickly construct a prototype application that can then be easily modified, working with the client in an iterative process, to rapidly build an optimal solution. Since revisions can be made quickly and easily, the client only needs a basic outline of the functionality desired for ODG to start building a solution.

Omnis' true multi-platform functionality also means that there is no need to modify the code or the business logic to enable seamless deployment across different operating systems. That minimizes both development time and application complexity so that the resulting application is more robust and stable in operation, with a lower cost of acquisition and ownership.

In addition, Omnis' multi-data source interoperability, combined with its multi-platform functionality, makes it an optimal tool for addressing the systems integration needs of businesses engaged in rapid growth or diversification.

Furthermore, Omnis' revolutionary Web Client technology allows the creation of true thin client (~400K), multi-tier, web based applications accessing any type of server database, and that can be used with standard browsers for deployment to the Internet or Intranets, giving user-friendly, fast, secure and scalable solutions.

The other key difference is that we employ the best developers. Unlike many of our competitors who employ large numbers of junior programmers, at ODG we use seasoned programmers with five to fifteen years of experience. Our programmers have done it before and know how to do it right the first time.

At ODG better, faster and cheaper is not just a promise - it's a reality.

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