At ODG we specialize in using as our core technology the incredibly sophisticated and versatile Omnis family of rapid application development (RAD) tools - Omnis Studio 3.1 and Omnis Web Client.

Omnis Studio 3.1 is the latest version of a sophisticated 4GL application development tool with a twenty-year history of exceptional innovation, flexibility and reliability. Omnis Studio is a powerful, multi-platform, object-oriented RAD environment used to develop sophisticated client/server applications. Its unique combination of features makes it superior to competing application development tools.

Specifically, Omnis Studio:

Provides for faster application development and prototyping, enabling the development of applications quicker and at a lower cost for the end user than development in competing environments such as Visual Basic, Delphi or Cold Fusion.
Enables the simultaneous development and deployment of applications on Unix, Linux, Windows and MacIntosh platforms without changing the application code or business logic. Omnis applications can be developed and deployed simultaneously on Windows 95/98, NT/2000 and XP, Mac OS X and Classic, Red Hat, SuSe and Caldera OpenLinux, and Solaris, the most popular form of Unix. Omnis is currently the only commercially available RAD tool with this multi-platform functionality.
Provides multi-data source interoperability, allowing the creation of applications that support native data access to Oracle, Sybase, DB2/UDB, FrontBase, D3 and ODBC-compliant data sources including MySQL.



Omnis Web Client is a revolutionary technology that allows the creation of true thin client, multi-tier, web based applications accessing any type of server database, and that can be used with standard browsers for deployment to the Internet or Intranets, giving user-friendly, fast, secure and scalable solutions. Specifically,

Omnis Web Client:

Enables developers to create forms using Omnis' own 4GL web components and wizards, so no Java or complex HTML is required.
Allows for development cycles that are much faster than Java/HTML and deployment that is seamless across platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac).
Provides for the development of graphical user interface (GUI) client/server applications that can be deployed over the Internet, and/or Intranets, embedded in Active X in Microsoft Internet Explorer or with Netscape browser plug-ins.
Is compatible with Apache and IIS web servers.
Leverages industry standard SSL sessions between browsers and web servers and enhances security by minimizing HTML code.
Offers genuine thin client (~400K) solutions.

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Download the data sheet covering all the features of Omnis Studio 3.1 including latest web client features, new server enhancements, and increased platform support for development and deployment.

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