In addition to customized application development for individual clients, at ODG we also create and market superior vertical market applications for selected business segments.

For example, we have found Omnis Web Client to be an ideal tool for constructing superior intranet and extranet B2B applications. Because applications created with Omnis Web Client are multi-platform, true thin client (~400K), fully web deployed using embedded Active X and Netscape browser plug-ins, and capable of simultaneously accessing disparate databases, they are the optimal solution for situations that require robust networking.

Examples include applications that:

Integrate vendors and/or customers into business intranets and B2B exchanges.
Provide back-end, internal management of both incoming and outgoing data on B2C websites.
Automate business processes such as task assignment, asset tracking, inventory and record management, production scheduling, etc.
Perform equipment and system performance monitoring and reporting.
Manage operations and data for sensors and devices such as barcode readers and printers, passive RF tagging and monitoring systems, quality control systems, security systems, etc.



Using what we call the "brain in a box" approach, ODG partners with companies or individuals who have substantive knowledge and experience in a particular business sector to jointly develop and market a superior vertical market application for that particular sector. Our partners contribute the "brains" that go into designing an application with optimal functionality for users in their particular market niche. ODG contributes the application development investment and expertise that transforms our partner's vision into a software "box" that provides a user-friendly, technically superior solution.

If you think there is a need for a better software solution in your market segment, then give us a call. We are eager to discuss with you how you can profit from a joint venture with ODG to create and market a "killer app" in your business sector.

Contact ODG at: 1-877-253-0988

Available Soon From ODG - New Developer Tool -- Omnis Studio CMS

With Omnis Studio CMS developers will soon have a tool to enable end users to automatically download new or updated Studio applications, eliminating the time and cost of manual instillations and updates. The developer simply installs the CMS Listener on the user's machine and uses the CMS Administrator to build application releases and assign them to designated machines. CMS Listener uses a LAN or dial-up connection to do the rest. User access and licenses are all managed by the developer through CMS Administrator.



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